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food for the homeless & hope for the hopeless

If I Had Shoes I Could Work

on October 10, 2011

Every week we feed the homeless. They start lining up an hour or so before we arrive. They know we are coming. We have never failed them for over a year now regardless of weather or holidays. Hunger never takes a holiday.
As part of this process we have several of us that mingle and talk with them. We find out what is happening and what needs they have. We give them support in finding jobs, housing, clothing and even help to reunite them with family out of town with bus tickets. We laugh and cry with them. And then there is the list.
Melanie sits with a spiral notebook and takes requests. Some are simply requests for prayer about various situations like finding a job or shelter from the street, forgiveness and relief from addictions. The pages are dated and then referred back to so we can check on the progress.
My heart is heavy as I read each request this week. Ten men need size 12 and 13 work boots and socks. Without the proper foot wear they are denied day labor jobs or full and part time construction work. They need t-shirts & jeans and hygiene kits to clean up for the job and a tote bag to carry belongings in. I have a young mother needing clothing for herself and her 9 month old baby. We helped her celebrate Isaiah’s birth this past winter.
As I sit here at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee I feel guilty and blessed at the same time. I am thankful to God for His blessing of comfort and provision. While my heart may be burdened by the needs and know I am called to action. My hands and feet are to be His hands and feet in caring for those less fortunate.
I can’t help everyone but I can help a few. Everyone can help just one. Today I am going to make sure that John, Timothy and Clarence have shoes to work. While I am at it I think I will take care of that baby too.


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