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Broken Dolls S…

on August 7, 2012

Broken Dolls

She stood with the other children outside of Walmart. At first glance nothing about her would make her stand out above the rest.  Katie was in the group of children we would be shopping with this day for new school clothes and backpacks. Quietly she stood waiting to see who she would be paired up with. A small smile on her face and eyes that told of sorrow.  We would soon find out that she lost her mom and dad within 30 days of each other to drug overdoses. She was not only homeless but recently orphaned.

Seven children had people care about them. They took time out on their Saturday morning to spend a couple of hours loving on small souls with crushed hearts, numb, wondering “Where is God?  Why has this happened and why won’t God make it stop?” 

There are over 1600 of these children in Cobb County schools. We can’t care for all of them but we can minister and help one or several. One small action can have a wide impact. Gently guiding Katie through the shopping experience was amazing. She opened up, wanted to be hugged and in turn started talking to another young lady her age. Two homeless children without hope found each other and bonded. They would be going to the same school. They started to act like normal teenage girls. For a short time the pain in their worlds stopped. For a short time they were loved on by others and given hope.

The same free will to love and protect is the same free will that has the ability for the gut wrenching self-centered nature to defile and choke, betraying innocence and destroying hope.  True love is patient, kind and merciful. I want to be able to have the child I encounter to look back one day and remember my act of kindness, words of wisdom and my love for them. Even just for an hour. I want to impact the life of one so that they may in turn impact the life of another resulting in many. Many little souls blossoming in a world that is searching for a meaning to life.


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